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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Dawn’s Cake – The One Show (NSFW)

OK so Jason Manford (and about a zillion other people) have asked me what ‘x-rated’ cake made Dawn French howl with laughter on the One Show today – well here it is. AMAZING AMAZING anatomically (& ahem biologically) correct cake from Holly Andrews. I feel a little in love with Dawn French right now (& Holly for her deviant mind & astonishing cake making abilities)…

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Nazi Charles Manson

Whoop whoop we welcome a new artist to the Mad Artists Tea Party fold for Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX Potion, Oxfordshire based artist Matt Smith. We’re going to “buddy him up” with George for the MATP / EYHO randomness… you know where the bar is and so forth (like when you join a new company but the interesting stuff) so fuck knows what will happen!

I personally love this Nazi Manson piece which will be brought to life in cake though at the same time appreciate it’s really fucking screwed up. I have noooooo idea what others will make of it, nor it is up to me to judge. Decide for yourself below…

World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Dracula’s Tango

The whole EYHO team are all over this guilty pleasure like a rash – need we same more…

Worm Salad

via Nerdcore

The Defiled – exciting EYHO news!!!!

The Defiled will open the Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX potion shop at 6pm on the 28th October for the private eat – the shop will be open to the public from 1100 on Friday 29th. The band will be adding their own touch of horror the proceedings. Frontman Stitch D comments;

“Being a part of the filth peddling society it’s very fitting for us to be opening an over 18’s perverted horror cake shop! 1, we love Gore, 2, we love porn and 3, we love cake! What a perfect Halloween night out!”

So how will The Defiled be opening Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX Potion for? By cutting a black ribbon and smashing a bottle of (fake don’t panic) blood onto the wall of course…

Same Difference

Now we’ve made it – Same Difference pictured with one of our cakes at the Pop Bitch quiz – I LOVE THIS picture more than words can say!


Great Vagina Mail Out

Here is a preview of some of the cakes we are sending out to media this week for EYHO. This vagina cake by Holly Clarke is really wrong, especially the crusty bits!!!


Amazing work from Jane Minty…

Human Centipede cookies

Here is a sneak preview of the much hyped human centipede cookies from Alice Rose Cakes & Cookies, comissioned by Miss Cakehead for Eat Your Heart Out. They ROCK my world! This bunch (or is it a gang of cookies?), are going out to the media this coming week. Of course they will also be for sale in the shop in a limited edition run of 60 (20 each day)…


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