LATIN for ‘INVINCIBLE’, Invicta watches founded in 1837 in Chiasso, Switzerland and nurtured with innovative consistency of quality and brand personality. The Invicta watches group continues to braze its journey since last 178 years with supremely crafted workpieces that has set a timing precedent as masters of case compilations. Their main focus resides in successfully integrating the modern development with time-honored art of technology in both design and engineering and satisfying consumers and collectors at any price point. With their meticulous art of exceptional construction and exceptional collections of timepieces, Invicta has become one of the most technically watchmakers in the world with their innovative reputation and unique style.

History:Invicta Watch Group is founded in 1837 by Raphel Picard in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Originally crafting mechanical and automatic timepieces, Invicta like most of brands of time disappeared during Quartz movement revolution of early 1970s. Company was re-established in 1991 by United States based Investment firm. It’s headquarter were relocated to Hollywood, Florida, where the company also operates its Customer services call center. In 2001, Invicta group watches focused on oversized, perfectly fitting design which delivered the professional Ocean Ghost, Dive watches and iconic Lupah collection. In 2012, company started a new run with former NFL player, Jason Taylor to endorse new line of watches.

Types of Watches:
Invicta watches are famous for their variety of styles. The brand has now grown to encompass over 30 diverse collections with thousands of unique designs. We do research to save your both time and energy and provides the best sale watches.
Following are the types of watches Invicta offer:1)Invicta Lupah2)Invicta Vintage3)Invicta Arsenal4) Invicta Seaspider5)Invicta Aviator6)Invicta Reserve7) Invicta Quadro8)Invicta Akula Reserve9)Invicta Speedsway10) Invicta Pro Diver11) Invicta DNA12) Invicta Venom13) Invicta Pro Diver sea Hunter14) Invicta Bilt15) Invicta Russian Diver16) Invicta Coalition forcesand more… Each collection features a well crafted, unique selection of watches tested by Invicta, which offers a luxurious experience to the owner.Certain features are common across the watches of each collection but they all are adhere to own unique theme. Prices are very low as per the norm with Invicta. Very few brands can fit in so many categories with enthusiast versatile pieces. The Invicta watches utilizes the high quality material which is generally found in high priced brands. Other brands sell watches as good as Invicta watches at very high prices. Invicta watches are surely worth of their prices high quality case construction and interactive time mechanisms.

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