At it’s most basic Eat Your Heart Out is a collective of UK based food artists leading the way with creative food presentation, innovative edible projects and ground breaking edible art techniques. Featured in the media on a weekly basis this movement is led by freelance creative director Miss Cakehead, the brain behind the globally acclaimed Resident Evil Human Butchery Stunt in 2012. Unable to bake, her approach of curating cakes produces the consistently high profile pop up projects Eat Your Heart Out has become known for around the World (see press page for examples of our coverage). Unlike other experimental food societies we are a non for profit and strongly believe it’s not ethical to base a business model on getting people to work for free in exchange for PR. We exist to promote creativity in food, give talented individuals the chance to shine, be discovered and build their own self sufficient businesses. As part of our support network we also offer guidance, advice and media training on how to manage the many media opportunities which come along as an inevitable result of being involved with Eat Your Heart Out.

In addition to our infamous pop up cake shops we work with a variety of clients such as Google, The London Dungeons, EMI, Poke London and numerous PR agencies.  Full projects and PR briefs on all scales are managed by Miss Cakehead, as part of Cakehead Loves Ltd, with the talent pool of Eat Your Heart Out used to provide the edible elements.

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