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Eat Your Heart Out 2010

So that’s it – all done!!!

I’d like to thank EVERYONE who helped to make Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX Potion happen: the press who covered it, the bloggers & tweeters who showed it some love and, last but not least, everyone who came to buy the cakes. I have genuinely been really touched by the amazing messages of loveliness we have received from all over the world…

If you want to know more about what we get up to then please do get in touch…

Over and out, Miss Cakehead xx

It may sound like a new Harry Potter title but ‘Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion’ is the World’s first 18+ cake shop, pushing the concept that cake can never be offensive to the extreme. It’s most certainly one of Miss Cakehead’s strangest ideas to date, and also probably one of the World’s first cake shops to be opened by a Heavy Metal Band – in our case we are lucky enough to have The Defiled do the honors for us!

Brought to you by The Mad Artists Tea Party & PRETOX Drink Alibi, it’s open between the 29th – 31st October 2010, located in the ‘dungeon’ of Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street, London. Selling 666 terrifying Halloween creations each day from the UK’s best creators of cake, potions and confectionery. Remember it’s a pop up shop so all welcome, no tickets needed – it will be open from the 29th – 31st October 2010 only.

Despite these cakes being positively gruesome they have a redeeming twist…all of them will contain some of the PRETOX potion Alibi‘s 17 beneficial vitamins & herbs, specifically chosen to help offset the bad things in life.

These truly are for adult eyes only, certified ’18’ in accordance with the same criteria of the film classification board. ‘Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion’ shop is about encouraging artists, bakers & potion-makers to work together creating an amazing culinary experience; providing a platform from which people can explore the darkest corners of their mind, bringing their most disturbing visions to life in delicious edible forms for Halloween.

As with all Mad Artist Tea Party events ‘Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion’ will be creating unique, edible, and in this case gory works of art. Artist George Morton-Clark will be bringing his suffocated porn series of art works to life in cupcake form, whilst sculptor David A Smith intends to be fully investigating the aesthetic benefits recreating ‘road kill’ as cake decoration.

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  1. its all been done b4! look in yr horrible history books! + a bbc kids saturday show did russian roulet chocolate with sardines etc! for a game on llve tv

  2. so do you have to come in costume or can anyone (over 18) just show up?

  3. Thanks for entertaining us

    Just wrote about your endeavor in Scary Monsters and Supercakes, Eat Your Heart Out, London, October 28-31 on ‘Serge the Concierge’.

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

    Facebook: sergetheconcierge
    Twitter: @theconcierge

  4. I always wondered where your name came from – now I think I know. Looks scary, deffo not for kids.

    see you there

  5. Lovin the cake side…..look forward to eat your heart out…yumski!

  6. Do you buy tickets for this or do you just turn up and get them at the door?

  7. What are the opening hours for this special cake shop?

  8. How do we get an invite to the private eat? It sounds devilish….

  9. Oh Shoreditch I hate you and you’re bringing me down.

  10. Mikky P come and grab a vagina cake it’ll make you feel better

  11. Will you be selling cake balls? In pairs, of course… ;)

  12. Looks great – wouldn’t look out of place at Torture Garden Halloween!

  13. Loving the dentata!

  14. The photos look amazing already, how would the general public see this? Would we have to book or buy tickets to this event?


  15. can i please please PLEASE get tix for the 28th october private eat?!

  16. can i bring my camera? photos for personal use only…!

  17. Say, will any of cakes be gluten free? I need the fat to maintain my girlish figure.

  18. Posted cards today(special delivery) -should definately be there tomorrow
    Best Wishes
    Andrea Kett
    (Ps:Apologies for cutting it so fine,will get my postman in a headlock tomorrow)

  19. Thank god for someone doing something exciting with cakes!! Cant wait to come and buy all your vegan cakes :)

  20. Exiting? Definitely but in a bad way.Frankly, I think it’s disgusting but many people will find this unusual and you will make money.

  21. Will there be anything left tomorrow!? Really want to come!

  22. Mentioned on the Daydream Magazine blog, http://daydreammagazine.blogspot.com/
    truly inspired event, great and gruesome.

  23. Totally underwhelmed. Sorry. Which is huge shame since its a great twist from the norm and promised so much from the website.

    OK – in fairness our visit was the last sunday afternoon (and we still qued) but nothing remaining in the shop lived up to the hype. The strong red tinted lighting meant any artistry put into the confections was lost and actually made them all look much the same. Too many of the display shelves were at eye-level or above which lost any impact the top had.

    Top marks to site photographers. Top marks to publicists. Top marks to confections. Zero marks to site scouts and pop-up designers.

  24. any chance this will re-open or be an ongoing theme, i only just read about it and you’re finished already!! x

  25. Luving it

  26. Click on my username or website to watch my youtube video on these XXX cupcakes! Can’t believe these exist and they are very well done!

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