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Our Cakes

A mixture of 666 freshly made cakes, potions and other confectionary, will be made available each day – no more no less. It may be possible to reserve your chosen cakes in advance (large cakes only) so please don’t be afraid to ask…





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  1. Ill have a dozen gash-muffins please

  2. Wish we had cakes like this here in Australia!!!!!!

  3. When are you releasing your full menu? I’m unbelievably keen! Can I also pre-order?

  4. Amazingly beautiful! I wish we had a cake shop like this in the US!

  5. What cake did they show Dawn French on The ONE show?!?!?

  6. I just bought Bizzare yesterday and read about this on my way to London! We’ll be there Saturday AND Sunday :) Can’t wait!

  7. I want to eat your cakes!!! Is this a shop?

  8. How can we place an order? I just found this site, I have been looking for something like this for the past month! :)

  9. Can we order these treats and have it shipped to my house

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