Featured: Meet Devil Horse – The Ultimate Halloween Cake


So Feed The Beast 2013 is open and there are so many amazing cakes it would be impossible to fit them into just one post. Thought it would be a good place to start with the showstopper cake by The Tattooed Bakers (see bottom image) – a Devil Horse cake dripping in rum, literally. The […]


Download the latest EYHO 2012 menu here.

There are some really innovative & original range of anatomical Halloween treats on sale at Eat Your Heart Out this year – all which are exclusive to Eat Your Heart Out 2012 and a links to a few personal highlights included below.

For the first time ever we will also have a bar serving some unique cocktails such as the Stool Sample & a cocktail inspired by the stomach contents of a suicide victim.

Reservations will be taken for the large show cakes with more information on this to follow – we are also considering running a Twitter reservation system for some of our most popular cakes. IMPORTANT: in order to reserve cakes you need to have one of our limited free tickets which you can get here.

Blood & Vein Marmalade – Animal Mineral Vegetable

STD Cupcakes – Two Little Cats Bakery

Skin Cakes (LARGE CAKES) – Dead Bright

Life sized anatomically correct chocolate skull in a choice of milk or white chocolate. Each skull will have evidence of a fatal wound such as gun shots or fractured skull - Two Little Cats Bakery

Icing Sugar Spleen Cupcakes – Leshie Loves Cake

Anatomically Illustrated Cupcakes – Tattoo Cakes

Anatomical Macarons – Organ Box Set: Miss Insomnia Tulip

Hand Painted Anatomical Illustration Macarons: Miss Insomnia Tulip

Necrotizing Fasciitis Cake: Quirky Cookies & Cakes

Lung Cancer Cookies & Edible Fag Butt box set: Nevie Pie Cakes
Natasha will also be hosting a class so you can learn how to create these yourself – more details on the EYHO Facebook events page.

Dead Face Cupcakes: Buttercream Bakery

(LARGE CAKE) ‘Riddled’ a tiered wedding cake featuring the cell structures of STD’s: Two Little Cats Bakery

Herpes Chocolate Slabs: Two Little Cats Bakery

HPV Cake Truffles: Two Little Cats Bakery

Chlamydia Cookies: Two Little Cats Bakery

(LARGE CAKE) Victorian style anatomical wax head with exposed brain (life sized): Cake Conjurer

Cocktail cultures/ jelly petri dishes: Cake Conjurer

A Trio of Toenail Fungus Cookies: Nevie Pie Cakes

Marzipan Fingers: Cake Conjurer

Polycystic ovary cupcakes: Leshie Loves Cake

Polycystic Kidney Cake: Cakes by Victoria

Trio of painted cookie ears – Nevie Pie Cakes

(LARGE CAKE) Polycistic Kidney Disease Cake – Cakes by Victoria

Chocolate Starfish (Bum Hole Cupcakes) – Tattoo Cakes

Mole Cupcakes (a concept conceived to highlight the dangers of skin cancer) – Tattoo Cakes

Red Blood Cell Cupcakes – Denise Bakes Cakes

Truffled brains: Rachel and Freya

Old Man Noses: Feral Fanny

Infected Eyeball Cupcakes: Feral Fanny 

Blood Splashed Cupcakes – Swallow Cakes

Red Blood Cell Iced Gems – Nevie Pie Cakes

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